Real Peer to Peer Bookings. Finally

Book other people’s houses directly through them.
Not through giant corporations.

More Freedom, Money and Fairness for All of Us

More Money for Hosts
Trips will charge just a 5% commission.
We will use it to run the service and will keep no profit.
Cheaper Bookings for Guests
Removing the middleman means lower prices for Guests too.
Better Damage Refunds Management
Damage refunds are ruled by the Community, not corporate employees.
Better Listings
Listings will be approved by the Community. Was your rejected? We’ll help you improve it.
No one is left alone.
Only The Guests You Want
It’s your house and no one should tell you who can stay there.
Hosts have the right to refuse bookings.
A residence for families, for instance, should not be forced to accept groups of young people.
Better Guests
Bad guest behaviour is a problem which needs solving.
The Community will have ban rights.

Press and Conferences

London, UK
31.10/1.11 2019

We will present Trips Community.
Come to see us at stand 84.

Milan, Italy
5th of December 2019

We are organizing the “Blockchain in Travel” conference

A Growing Community Of Hosts and Guests

We work together daily at the project.
We meet in real life. We host each other in our apartments.
A decentralized booking platform will change our lives.


We Are Experts

Experts In Vacation Rentals

Since 2001

Our founder launched a platform like Airbnb in Prague as a lifestyle business in 2001.
Seven years before Airbnb.

Experts Digital Nomads

Since The Beginning Of Time

Some of us were digital nomads before the word even existed.
We know exactly how to upgrade a place to become digital nomads friendly.

Crypto Experts

Since 2012

We’ve been deep in crypto for a long time.
We waited for this moment to come.

Truly Made in Italy

For Now!

We started in Italy and created a Community here.
We’re opening to the rest of the world now.

The Numbers

Months of Activity
Live Events
Members in Discord

Our Advisors

Antonio Bortolotti


Danilo Beltrante

Advisor Vacation Rentals Training

Richard Vaughton

Data Integration

Patrizio Donnini

Advisor Check-in and Welcome

Stefano Bettanin

Advisor Property Management

Our Partners

These companies have committed to integrate with Trips


These companies support us with a monthly donation!

The Software

We are building on Origin Protocol and are committed to 100% Open Source development.

The Roadmap

Project Idea and Kick Off
June 2017
First White Paper Version
September 2017
Community Creation
January and February 2018
White Paper Launch
July 2018
Q4 2019.
We’ll start our fundraising with the Community.
Beta Dapp
1st of May 2019
We launched our first Beta Dapp
Q4 2019

We're on

“Who is a little less young like me will recognize the founder Luca De Giglio, who with the stage name of Tripluca shared the stories of his travels from the frequencies of Radio Deejay.
In fact Luca was one of the most popular travel bloggers on the web even before the term was invented. After renting apartments all over the world, and after teaching apartment owners how to make money on Airbnb, he is now organizing his Ico to create an Airbnb made in Italy based on the blockchain.”

The ERC20 Token: TRIPS

We minted 63 millions Trips tokens and we are distributing them to the volunteers who help us build the platform.
See the Smart Contract.

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Read The White Paper
The White Paper is the result of months of voluntary work of many people who had never met before. We have improved and upgraded the project since, but the basics you can read in the White Paper are still valid.
Keep in Touch
We send regular updates on the project.
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