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Internal Fundraising


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The most active Community members have already invested in order to provide some initial funding.




Private Sale Pledges:



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Minimum Pledge: € 500

Maximum Pledge for Private Persons: € 3000

Maximum Pledge for Companies: € 10000


Our amazing Advisors help the Trips Community, sharing their skills and competencies.

The Advisors are also Early Investors in the Trips Community and crowdfunding campaign.

Danilo Beltrante

Advisor for Vacation Rentals Training

Antonio Bortolotti

Advisor Events

Richard Vaughton

Advisor Data Integration

Patrizio Donnini

Advisor Check-in and Welcome

What is the current status

of The Platform?

The Platform is in BETA

Check out THE DAPP.

When do I invest?

As soon as we find a Crowdfunding platform

We are a very innovative project and few people really are able to evaluate its potential at this point.
As a result we are not finding it easy to convince Crowdfunding platforms to support us.

We are working hard to build a wider social network presence to validate the assumption that a neutral platform is what people want.

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We will base our strategies on the total investments promised.

Total investors so far:


What are existing investors saying?

Guido Bedarida

“Finally an ambitious project, well structured and based on new concepts and cutting-edge technology. The leader, Luca,  has the right skills to bring it to success.”

Marcella Marchi

“I participate to the project because I can’t wait for the time of real decentralization. I strongly believe in Trips Community.”

Cristina Bellini

“The disintermediation is the only solution to survive in the Vacation Rental market.”

Tamara Oddone

“I knew nothing about Blockchain, but today I am fascinated by the possibility of investing in a project that could compete against the monster OTAs.”

Cristina Modica

“I invested in Trips because is a brave project and I like looking at the future. Future is now, call it blockchain, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence. I want to ride the wave, and not being crashed by it!”

Fabrizio Tenaglia

“Thanks to Trips I can finally be a protagonist of the imminent future of the vacation rental market.”

Mauro Michelangeli

“Maybe the blockchain won’t change all the asymmetries currently present in the world, but for sure it will give some headache to the OTA platforms.”

Damiano Salin

“I decided to invest in the blockchain because I think that very soon the tourism industry, and not just that one, will have to move towards the decentralization, a model closer to the people and small businesses. Looking forward to it!”


Is it difficult to participate?

Participating is very easy. The crowdfunding platforms are simple to use, with straightforward processes. It will be like buying something online.

What crowdfunding platform will be used?

We are currently evaluating which one to use.

How do I deal with my pledge in fiscal terms?

Participating in crowdfunding is simple in both legal and fiscal terms. In short, don’t worry about anything! Before buying your quota you will have the possibility to read all the documents and make up your mind.

What's the valuation?

We will decide before launching the crowdfunding. If you would ike to have an idea about the valuation of other projects in the Seed phase (so before the product actually exist), check here. Generally, valuations go from € 1.500.000 to € 7.000.000 .

What are we doing with € 100.000 ?

€ 100.000 is not a great deal of money comparatively. We do need it to prove that the Trips Community is present and ready for bigger investments. We will dedicate this money to the
project development, marketing and participating in conferences.
We will develop the platform to enable the first real bookings in 2019, after which we will engage in other financing rounds later in 2019.

Why only € 100.000 ?

The first Private Sale is the most convenient for the Early Investor. He/She gets more shares of the company and for a less expensive price. Later on, the shares will be more expensive for investors.

What will I do with my shares?

These are our company shares. You can sell them the future, or keep them and receive dividends when the company is in profit (*). Everything will be explained in the crowdfunding phase, but in short: it’s an investment. Like many investments there are no absolute guarantees.
* Share sale, issue and dividend payments are subject to the company’s Articles of Association and Board decisions.

Can I wait?

Sure, but being part of the crowdfunding guarantees you the possibility of an early investment. After we launch the campaign and after closing the private sale, you will need to act quickly.
If everything goes according to plan, the target will be reached very soon after and there will be little chance to invest until later rounds.

What is Private CrowdFunding?

Before launching the public crowdfunding, we will give the possibility to “pledgers” to invest in this private sale. This is why you need to reserve your allocation now. Later you will need to compete with the general public online.

But the Token, Trips, Ethereum etc..?

Investing in the crowdfunding you buy the “TRADITIONAL” Ordinary company shares. This has nothing to do with tokens, crypto, Blockchain etc. This opportunity will arise later and benefit early investors in the Crowdfunding.
You will have shares of a classic company, which also has tokens, but to participate in the crowdfunding the tokens are not necessary. No Crypto wallets or similar confusing technology!

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