The Team

Trips is a community of Hosts, Guests, Digital Nomads and Blockchain experts.
We want to make it easy to book a place for a few months (zero frictions).
We are a distributed Team working mostly from remote, with in-person meetings every few weeks.

Luca De Giglio


 Bulgaria, Italy, Thailand
One of the first Italian Digital Nomads.
Luca has travelled non-stop for many years thanks to its “Airbnb before Airbnb” lifestyle business.
In 2014 he founded Adormo, a startup in the vacation rentals space which is today running Trips operations.

 In vacation rentals since 2001
 Digital Nomad since 2002
 Countries visited: 62

Tripluca | Adormo | Host-Training

Alessandro Magnani


 Italy, Prague, Indonesia
With Adormo since 2009, Alessandro has lived through and massively contributed to all the phases of the company development. He has extensive technical and commercial knowledge of the vacation rentals portals.

In vacation rentals since 2009
Digital Nomad since 2009
Countries visited: 13

Valerio Plessi, MSc

Business Development

Italy, USA,  Uk, Belgium
For 13 years in the field of information technology. He started as a researcher in American universities during a Master’s degree, before moving on to the corporate world: first in Cisco Systems, and later to a Californian startup.
A long time traveler and photographer, for some years now he has been a Digital Nomad around the world. In Trips, Valerio has worked above all in the technological and business processes and he is part of the #Imo working group.

Digital Nomad since 2013
 Guest since 2013

 Countries visited: 64

Elio De Meo

Project Manager

Elio is one of our most experienced Guests, having been in dozens of Airbnbs, apartments and huts in recent years. He is the Project Manager of the Test Project, and he is with us from the beginning.
General Agent for a large insurance group, Elio collects countries, flights, airports and fines around the world. Having an inordinate preference for dangerous places, he decided to keep his dopamine levels at bay with trekking, photography, and crypto.

 Guest since 1997
Countries visited: 104

Francesco Teofoli, MBA

Project Manager

The first in the Community to buy Bitcoins in 2012. Expert in the implementation of international business processes, experience in operational / financial management of complex projects. Today he is interested in innovation and follows the evolution of the blockchain world.

 Guest since 2011
Countries visited: 33

Carmela Lerede

Financial Advisor

 Rome, Italy
Carmela is a Financial Advisor, Auditor and entrepreneur in the tourist short rent sector. Her role in Trips is to interface the project with the world of traditional finance, as well as welcoming new community members and addressing them towards the right tasks and collaborations.

 In vacation rentals since 2013
 Guest since 2013
Countries visited: 20

Simone Marini, PhD


Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
Simone is machine learning expert, with an extensive experience in developing prediction models on a wide variety of data and problems. In academia, he leads international research teams (spanning through USA, Japan, Italy, and China) in Bioinformatics. He is also scientific advisor of enGenome, an startup developing software technology for data analytics in medicine and genomics.

 In vacation rentals since 2008
 Guest since 2008
 Countries visited: 42

Tamara Oddone


 Genoa, Italy
Tamara, is the “perfect Host” for Trips. She joined the project since the very the beginning, and she immediately made available much of her time and resources.
Host in Genoa, mother, and career woman, she is currently part of the #Core group, where she deals with Welcoming newcomers into the community.

 In vacation rentals since 2010
 Guest since 1998
 Countries visited: 20

Riccardo Boccardi


 Pistoia, Italy
Riccardo is our official photographer, and the first photographer to have charged Trips for his services.
A traveler and a thinker, he would very much like to slow down this world; but, at the same time, he is too attracted by technology developments to rest, in particular when technology promises to bring more social justice, and rebalance the power by reducing inequality.

 Countries visited: 22

Alessandro Stabellini

Statistics surveys

 Rome, Italy
Alessandro has been with Trips since the beginning. He helps spreading the word in Rome, as well as actively participating in all the collective tasks, such as creating White Paper, organizing conferences, and the discussions about policies and rules.

 In vacation rentals since 2014
 Guest since 2006
 Countries visited: 10

Our Advisors

Danilo Beltrante

Advisor Vacation Rentals Training

Antonio Bortolotti

Advisor Events

Richard Vaughton

Advisor Data Integration

Patrizio Donnini

Advisor Check-in and Welcome