The Trips Token

A Community Coordination Tool

The Trips token has been an amazing coordination tool for the first three years.
It allowed us to reward cooperation and synchronize our activities from inception without the need of external capital while retaining complete independence.

The Dashboard

Created on
January 2018
Circulating Supply
1,976,757 Trips
Total Supply
63,000,000 Trips

Non Circulating Supply

Gnosis Safe | 0x6…F6C | 40,996,672 Trips

Trips Wallet 1 | 0xa…369 | 46,877,159 Trips

Trips Wallet 2 | 0x1…d50 | 107,374 Trips

Trips Founder Wallets | Various | 6,441,070 Trips

Trips xDAI Wallet 1 | 0xc…d50 | 5048 Trips

Trips xDAI Wallet 2 | 0x1…8F0 | 130,571 Trips

Trips xDAI Wallet 3 | 0xA…369 | 5,000,000 Trips Wallet | Discord | 45,399 Trips

Solana Wallet | EFb…99L | 1,000,000 Trips

Distributed Tokens

Rewards for Work |  1,439,704 Trips

LP Rewards V1 | 30,167 Trips

Discord airdrops and tips  | 510,000 Trips

Token Sold by Founders

0 Trips

The Gnosis Multisig Safe

Community + Vacation Rentals Industry + Origin Protocol

The Gnosis Multisig Safe | 40,996,672 Trips

The Liquidity Multisig Safe

Funds Managed by Liquidity Providers

The LP Gnosis Safe | 20,481 Trips

Locked Tokens

167,000 Trips

200,000 Trips are being distributed to Trips LPs stakings LP tokens in the geyser from 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2021.
Check the Geyser >>

Liquidity Providing

Get in Discord for LP Airdrops and Tips

LPs earn rewards in various way.
Get in Discord to get help with it!

Token Holders

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OTC Sales

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